for forging, for layering in Damascus, small Blades or for kitchen and filleting knives
check this out.

I have used commercial bandsaw blade steel.
The steel pictured is approximately .073 thick and 8 3/16" wide at the teeth , 7" wide
at the bottom of the gullet.
and just pictured as typical of what I have
What I have in stock when in stock may vary in different widths and thickness
please before paying for any steel contact me by e-mail to make sure I have this in stock.
sizes are changing all the time so e-mail me to know what you are getting
I can cut it to any length by but normally I will cut it at 12" for easy of shipping see below

As far as I know the steel will be UDDEHOLM steel, some of the steel still has UDDEHOLM etched on the steel

UDDEHOLM bandsaw blade steel nominal chemical composition
Up to 1,2mm thickness will be UHB-15
C: 0,71% Si: 0,30% Mn: 0,50% P max: 0,020% S max: 0,015%

over 1,2mm thick will be UHB-15N20
C: 0,75% Si: 0,30% Mn: 0,40% P max: 0,020% S max: 0,010% Ni: 2,0%

bandsaw steel

Here is a picture of some 15n20 used in a blade/knife Greg Covington made, alternating 01, (my Band saw blade steel), 1080, and 1084

Below is some twist made from the used 15n20 bandsaw steel By Bill Vining

Please note!!
if you want a certain thickness of the UHB15 or UHB15n20
email me to see if it's available.

I can only get so much of this at a time.
shiped by USPS normaly cut to 12" and will USPS flat rate
shipping $10.50 with in the States,
min 10 pounds, up to 35 pounds which is about all I can get into the flat rate box.
email for availablity

contact please note below. the heat treatments

instrutions and working heats, heat treating is done mostly like O1 would be.
Annealing ,1400-1450F, hold it there for a few minutes then put into ashes or vermiculite so the cooling rate is slowed
Forging 1800-2000F,
Hardening ,1450-1550F
Heat to just above Non-magnetic 1550 F for at least 5 - 10 minutes,
quench in oil and immediately, temper at 350 to 400F for at least 1 hour
depending on the use of the blade

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