Blueing Salts Temperature at 275-280 degrees

CAS Registry Number sodium hydroxide is 1310-73-2

Sodium hydroxide, solutions is also known as caustic soda, liquid caustic (solutions of 45-75% sodium hydroxide in water), lye, soda lye, sodium hydrate, white caustic, and solution d'hydroxyde de sodium.

Sodium hydroxide is produced mainly in three forms: 50% and 73% aqueous solutions, and anhydrous sodium hydroxide in the form of solid cakes, flakes or beads. The major impurities include sodium chloride, sodium carbonate, sodium sulfate, sodium chlorate, potassium and heavy metals such as iron and nickel. This record reviews the information relevant to solutions

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This easy to use formula produces the deep blue-black finish most desired by custom gunmakers. A mixture of 6 1/2 - 7 lbs. per gallon of water will boil at the correct processing temperature at 275 degrees - 280 degreess F. No other additivies are necessary. Temperature is vitally important to bluing, therefore an accurate thermometer is a must. Process parts about 15-30 minutes to produce a beautiful, durable black oxide finish.

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