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Please Read Before Ordering
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Parts For Most Anything Your _E Store

Please Read
Parts From D G Gray & Son's.
I try to help those that can't find the parts they need.
It takes a lot of time e-mailing and parts look up,
just to find out my time has been wasted.
SO Please read the Policies below
Please tell me only, the parts you will most probably purchase
and if you e-mail, please reply to the last e-mail sent to you
if you want or don't want the parts, so I can file the e-mails
To help you get the right parts read the rest below to help parts look up
Also In The past I've been sending a lot of $5.00 to $10.00 parts out, Please order
at least $25.00 worth of parts.
after your first order this min. amount can be less depending on the
brand of part being ordered

seem to have been making More than I.
This Min, makes it almost worth the paper work
putting you in the Data Base for the set up of mail, payment ecct.
I do this only to help you, not to make a living
I actually loose money doing this.
I'll do this as long as I can, so be easy on me.
.....Thank You ..Dan Gray _ I Hope You Enjoy My Pages


Before Ordering

Please Email As Much Information as Possible
Year, Make, Model Name, Model #, Ser.#, Size, (Part#s. If You Have It)
This Information Will Help Speed Things up
If you don't have the part # from your IPL, Mistakes do on occasion happen
and I can't be held responsible for them for reasons of minor model changes
parts that look like others on the fiche ecct.
most of my suppliers charge me 20% restocking and
I have to pay for the shipping to & from them.
But I will be as reasonable as possible.
___ back

Parts Not In stock That Need To Be Ordered in !

If You Need It Soon Shipping In & Shipping Out Will Be Charged

Other Wise It Will Be Ordered In On A regular stock Order,

Then Shipped out ___Back

Parts In Stock

Can Be Shipped Same Day

Ask For Informatiom ___back

Return of Parts (Excluding custom Knives)

Parts Returned, Will Be Charged A 20% Restocking Fee

Parts Special ordered, No returns

Any obsolete parts, can not be returned to the company.
Obsolete means no longer made and limited to stock availablity with sales final.

Electrical Parts, No Return

Any Parts Returned will be Prepaid Shipping By Customer ___back

For Shipping Charges Send Your Full Address, Name, & Phone Number
All Shipping prices quoted with out knowing your full address will be quoted for
the lower Continental States, Hawaii & Alaska are at different rates
(UPS Trucks don't float or fly sorry

And Type Of Shipping You Will Need___back

Brands We Carry Or Can Get Parts For___back

Mighty Murc
Yard Shark
Michigan Wheel

Please Email As Much Information as Possible

Year, Make, Model Name, Model #, Ser.#, Size, (Part#. If You Have It)

This Information Will Help Speed Things up ___back

I am a member of and except paypal as payment
Make payments with PayPal - it's fast, free and secure!

Payments By

A Money Order can be made

Credit cards are excepted (as a merchant we pay for your grace period, up to 3.9%)

In Most Cases 3% can be Deducted from saws

Or By Check, A Check Will Need To Clear before any shipping Is Done

Paying for your order by e-mail go here for the form


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