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1095 steel testing done by

Maine Primitive Skills School

Maine primitive skills survival school Knife ESK knife

$240.00 shipped with in the U.S. Bulistic Nylon sheath add $24.95


Just what came into play with the ESK ?

The ESK ( Extreme Survival Knife) was wanted and helped in design by
the Maine Primitive skills school in Augusta Maine
www.primitiveskills.com Nothing is on the market that incorporates what is needed by the survivalist is better offered.

With Dan Grays 30+ years of knife making skills
tool and die back ground in a heat treating plant
and 20 years of being a servicing dealer for Stihl and Jonsered Chain saws
particularly here, the interest of Chain saw chain and sharpening all come together
in a tool that can be used.

With no hype, no Movies to ignite a frenzy of buying just because a star used it on screen,
The ESK is a proven survival knife first, then sold.

Built into the ESK,

Are many things that mass manufactures can not take the time to do solely
because of cost of time spent on them.

The ESK is outsourced only for water jetting the profile
only to keep the price down and to be sure they will be uniform,
the rest is in house hand made and heat treated by Dan Gray to
make sure each process will be done right.

OL is 11 1/8"
blade cutting edge is 6"
blade width is just under 1 1/2"
Flat ground surface 1 1/4" to with-in 1/4" of the spine
5/32" 1095 steel , ( there is no over whelming need in this
world to carry the weight of a 1/4" blade)
7 Chain saw style teeth are set so the body of the knife will clear the Kerfs made by them,
to keep the knife from binding,
( most saw teeth on knives are not set hence your binding problems )
the 8th tooth near the thumb ramp is not set
and is used to ring poles for use of tenting and such.
chain saw style teeth can filed with a standard 5/32" round
chain saw file at OxO angles with 20 % of file over top plate.
the Rockwell will be at just about 55 on the C scale for better chopping
and bending with the thinner blade
The replaceable Canvas Micarta handles are bead blasted for extra grip and
have incorporated in them a bow socket for fire making.
The extended end is a 90 sharp edged tool in it self for scraping skins,
and pounding the knife into something or you could call it a skull crusher.

And last but not least, the lashing holes are for making a spear,
just remove the handles and lash to a pole with your boot laces or Para cord..

This knife was not finished to be pretty, but finished to keep the price down and made to be usable..

An email From one of the owners of a ESK

----- Original Message -----
From: jason.richmond
To: dangray@knivesby.com
Sent: Thursday, August 30, 2007 12:11 PM
Subject: Re: survival school ESK knife

I have the ESK knife in my hand. Used it yesterday to saw thru a 2" thick green pine branch,
a kiln dried fir 2x4 and make some fuzz sticks from dried alder branches. Saw is slow but works
better than any other fixed blade saw I have used. I have beck, linger and terrel WSK's and your
saw is better. The blade geometry is great for real wood work. Handle is comfortable in all
positions and secure when using the saw. I like the spear point blade and the extended tang.
The design is a winner.
Thanks much,
Jason Richmond

----- Original Message -----
From: dangray@knivesby.com
To: jason.richmond
Sent: Thursday, August 30, 2007 12:50 PM
Subject: Re: survival school ESK knife

Thanks Jason
I'm glad to hear that..and in green pine, if that won't bind it up nothing will, Cool !
I'm getting all good reports from the ESK owners.
Keep in mind the saw teeth on the ESK I filed with a special flat grind file used
mostly by the pro's in chain saw racing and pro loggers that look for a safer chain
on regular pro chain.. On a chain saw filed this way the chain will not kick back and the drag is less letting
the RPMs stay higher thus cutting more wood..
in the case of these knives filed this way, it cuts down on the aggressiveness but will still
cut well.. though a little slower ( lack of RPM's if you will ) Mal mentioned that the prototype
was very aggressive being round filed so this was the main fix, though Mike at the school
didn't mind the aggressiveness of the prototype, so filing the teeth this way would satisfy both wants
with out having two types of tooth configurations.
To cut faster but be more aggressive you'll just need to file the teeth with a regular 5/32"
chain saw round file , if you do, just make sure you keep about 20% of the file above the
top plate while filing, same as filing a saw chain but keeping the angles at 90%
Or you could send it back to me for re-sharpening when needed, to be filed
either way you want it .. just pay for the return shipping is all I ask
.. keep me posted on it.. and Thanks for the email.. Dan

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