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You are / We are, told By Stihl
you have to go to your nearest Stihl dealer for Stihl products, you can't, (by Stihl Policy) buy a Stihl unit or Parts on line or by mail from a stihl dealer
is this what you want?? TO be told who'll work on YOUR saw.
Not so with Jonsered, top saw and makers in my book,
backed all the way by the Distributor
and Dealer with a better over all warranty then Stihl, this is my opinion as a past Stihl dealer and still present and long time (15year+) Jonsered dealer.

Stihl Policys say, stihl Dealers can't send you Stihl units and parts by mail.
Sorry, this makes it hard for you guys because when your told by Stihl dealers
the part is NLA "I think and know for fact" a lot of those parts are still good numbers,
Some of your dealers just do not want to mess with it and want to sell you a new Saw or Trimmer.
this would upset me and should you also.
But as long as Stihl says dealers can't sell to you by Mail, this is the way it is. I am not a Stihl Dealer now, and unless Stihl buys the stock I have from me that I paid good money for as a dealer, I will continue to sell my stock out.
You can complain to Stihl about Policy, if a lot of you get together and do it
then this may help in the long run.
Stihl in the only company I know of that does this in this feild.
Try this number at Northeast Stihl and
see if the parts are indeed Still available.
@ 1-800-878-8495
to complain use these ones
the Stihl Plant in VA
1-757-486-9100 FAX 1-804-486-9259

or go here..www.stihlusa.com/contact.html for the USA

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