This is the way I make slab full tang handles,and Profiling it
I'm not saying it's the right way just my way..

This is the first side epoxied on, then drilled, using the holes predrilled in the tang as the template.

epoxy the left side on, then drill from the right side using the holes as a template

left side now drilled all the way through
besure to back your work up with some wood so the holes don't chip out.

Grinding down to the knife profile 80 grit

grinding to the gaurd

profiling the sides.

a little heavy in the right side.

putting in the pins you can see I marked alignment lines

see the leather under the knife, I use it so when I drive the pin through the pin will
protrude, leaving some to grind off

cutting the pins off

if you supper glue the pins in watch the skin on your fingers, ouch.

knocking the pins down with 220 grit

more finishing with 220

Knocking the edges off

filing around for the index finger

using the 40 micron belt to flex into the tight spots

ready to hand sand

using 320 cut from 8x11 wet and dry paper A/O
to get the scratchs out and smooth her up

now going to 400 grit working the edges out

almote ready to buff

Buffing with white rouge

check it over for scratches left behind

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