This is John Deere control shaft steel JDM5160 NEW (not used) From the ends of JD control shafts being made here in the States to John Deere's spec's
  the very same steel that Ed Fowler ABS Master Knife Maker is using in his pursuit of the High performance Blade.
at this time I believe I am the only authorized place that you can get this steel from other than from the shafts themselves be it new or used. John Deere dealers can not get this steel for you. they deal with parts only.more info

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JDM 5160 round stock forging Steel for knife blades.

Sizes for U.S. flat rate shipping by USPS at $7.70 per order plus insurance
lengths very a but will not be over 13" by flat rate shipping
I may send random lengths if you do not specify length, none should be less than 3" other wise mostly
one size per box will be shipped up to a max 70 pounds shipped weight by USPS flat rate with insurance,
unless you want to pay for regular shipping charges,

Note! before ordering

please e-mail me to make sure I have some in stock.

I will be reordering as it comes available,
Email: me, please put JDM5160 in the subject line
Thank you

10 pound min order please
$2.50 per pound
payments by check or Money order..
or I can send you an online secure payment link to pay by.
Gray Knives
686 Main Road
Brownville Maine 04414
Phone 207-965-2191
the 1.207" dia, is 3.657 lb's per foot at
at times I'll have 1.144 dia
and 1.119 dia
if no preference I will ship what I have of the 3 lengths .
flat rate USPS up to 70 pounds shipped weight $7.70 + insurance (which I recomend) in the US only
more info and payment options

heat treatment by Ed-Fowler

heat treatment of 5160 from the ASM manual:
this JDM5160 is not listed, it's make-up is believed to be closely guarded
the listed heat treatments will work on it.

Gray Knives
686 Main Road
Brownville, Maine 04414
Tel: 207-965-2191

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