Making and setting an Escutcheon

By Dan Gray
First I Make my Escutcheon piece you can make it any shape or size
I pre drilled the holes,
one reason is you
can insert a pin to remove the part once in
place easier, you
can do this later
Place the part On your handle
material and scribe a line as close
to the parts as possible

If you rub the scribed line with a dirty finger you can see it better. Notice The pin, I notch them so the epoxy holds better
get most the material out with a Dremel or a mill to a depth a little less then your part is thick, this one 1/8" I get as close as I can to the line with the Dremel with a #196 bit, checking for fit as I go. then I use an exac-to knife to shave out fine pieces until the part fits

Epoxy the part in place then let it set up, then I file it down close to the ( in this case) Micarta

Now you can drill your holes, fit, mark and make your pins, Epoxy them in, you can peen the pins over if these are the only pins that will hold the scales on.

Pins in place

File or sand it all flush and finish as you normally would.
I made this one Antique looking and used steel pins
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