I'll use epoxies but the main reason I use any of the stuff be it 5 min.
or 30 min or any brand
(though I think the 30 min. will last longer because of soak time).
is for the seal, it keeps rusting, dirt and moisture out.

I always and or ether use external/internal pins, barbs,dovetail,
or end biscuits.

The man made stuff I don't fully trust,
so it's my stuff, the way I put em together,
mechanical, and in doing so still you
don't have to have any pins showing,

even if silver soldered, I normally will pin it.
heat expands different materials at different rates
this is cause for failure alone, let alone expansion
and shrinking of natural materials.
I try not to leave anything to chance,
Mother nature has a way of trying to reclaiming her self.

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