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please bear with me, I'm changing from my old sub'ed site to my Domain site.

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Gray Knives Sheath Knives - www.kynd.com/~graydg/kniveslist4.html
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- www.kynd.com/~graydg/leather-sheaths.html
Leather wallets Black - www.kynd.com/~graydg/leatherstuff.html
Leather wallets Brown - www.kynd.com/~graydg/leather-wallet-brown.html
Leather wallets Home - www.kynd.com/~graydg/new-wallet-page.html
Knivesby.com - www.knivesby.com/knifemaking.html
Red Deer Stag Handle material - www.knivesby.com/red-deer-stag.html
N.E.C.K.A. Club - www.knivesby.com/necka.html
USS Shakori ATF 162 - www.knivesby.com/uss-shakori-atf162.html
Gray Knives Folders - www.knivesby.com/gray-knives.html
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