In 1965 I was an RM2 aboard the Opportune RS-41.
We, in company with a fleet tug I believe to be the
Shakori towed two excess British lift craft from Rosyth
Scotland to Subic Bay in the Phillipines thru the Suez
Canal via Aden, and Trincomalee, Ceylon. From there
we went to Yokosuka, Hawaii, and San Diego.
From San Diego to Mexico and the Panama Canal and
back to Norfolk...
In short this voyage to the North Atlantic became an
around the world cruise for these two small vessels.
Departed Norfolk in September 65 and returned to Norfolk
in March or April 1966...
Was the Shakori the accompanying vessel or do you have
any knowledge of this memorable feat...

Curtis Kelley

Curtis Robert Mulligan ask for you to contact him