for The USS Shakori ATF 162

Hello I'm Dan the Webmaster for the USS Shakori web site.
after many years, I got thinking about what my shipmates
are up to, still living or not, what road in life they've taken?
If you think about it you may wonder also.
and that may be what brought you this far to look at this site
I'd like to make this site work to get crew mates
get to know each other again.
if you don't want to, that's OK too.
I don't know about you but through the bad and the good times both
I'm glad and damn Proud to have served in the U.S.Navy
ON board the USS Shakori.
Join Us
we are grown up with lives of our own
and in a way we can go back, though our stories
I'd like to post E-mails addresses Phone numbers and more.
They say it's a small world out there, let's make it smaller
If you have suggestions for the page, all are welcome
let me hear from you.
who knows our grand kids may learn something
about us and that part of our past.

If you know of the mates we have not found
please let us know how to find them.

just click the webmasters link on any of these pages.

Email Daniel (Dan) Gray


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