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Information on how to get your web pages started.

Is your Web page listing #10 or higher under Yahoo web sites.
If not you need to read this!

As you know, the world wide web is getting to be the place to market your knives,
with so many surfers shopping on line now,
the web is the most cost-effective way to go,
But all knife makers can't be listed
on top of the Engines and Directories nor do most of you want to mess
with trying to be a Web Master.
KnivesBy.com is an alternative to that.
when the main page of KnivesBy.com lists well, then you list well,
If you don't do well then we don't do well
it's that simple.
this is a very low cost alternative
compared to fully hosted web sites witch may get you
Nothing for a lot of money.

If you decide to join us
you'll have your own pages with pictures of your Art knives, Hunting Knives,
Fixed Blades and any sort of Folders
with text & information you want on your page or pages.

If your a knife maker and interested in having web pages
on KnivesBy.com
Get a page of your own here Your work (knives) for my work too,
for a short time only
Please go here for the Prices.

Thank you for your interest
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