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Francis T. Cutler
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My name is Francis T. Cutler and I was aboard the Shakori from Sept. of 1968
(right out of Boot) till Sept. of 1972. I started as a BM and later worked in the
Ships' laundry where I earned my SH3 rate. Later I worked along with Andrew Gorto
down in GSK. I was the most Sea Sick sailor I think the ol' girl ever had onboard.
The guys use to give me the business when we singled up all lines that I was turning
a nice shade of green already. As a deck hand I stood underway watches.
I mostly really enjoyed the watches. I got the biggest kick out of stiring the ship and going
up on lookout for one hour off and one on.
One trip we made through the Burmuda Triangle I will never forget. I was standing
Lookout watch and it was a beautiful, clear summer evening. Not a cloud in the sky
I might add. All of a sudden we hit a storm that was washing water over the lookout plexiglass
and the ship was taking heavy rolls. This lasted a good 5 minutes and then it was over.
The sky was clear and the seas calm. I swear, I looked aft and you wouldn't even know that
there was a storm except for the wet decks. When I went down to do the helm I was told that
we had just passed through the area of the Burmuda Triangle. A shiver went down my spine
and it's something I will never forget as long as I live.
I would like to be added to your list if you would be so kind.
Take care and hope to hear from other shipmates.
Francis T. Cutler



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