The USS Shakori ATF 162 Crew

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Chief Gorto

Andrew Anthony Gorto
Nick name _ Andy
PO Box 697
Wilkes Barre, PA

phone #
Dates on board _14 DEC 1970 Departed: JAN 1975

As far as the most significant memory goes, it would have to be
that storm we got caught up in when crossing the Atlantic in 74.
In the middle of 35 to 40 foot waves we lost power for exactly
42 minutes. The longest 42 minutes of my, and everyone else's, life.
I'm sure that there are a whole host of other memories but they shall
have to be put on "hold" for the moment, until I get a chance to review
the Journals. Then I shall deluge you with them.
I reported aboard as an SK1 and was promoted to SKC in NOV 72,
the same day that Grayson made Chief. I was 29 at the time.
Present age as of 1/16/02: 58.

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