The USS Shakori ATF 162 Crew

 his picture to be added hopefully

name & rank Heatherly EN3

full name _ Allan Heatherly
Nick name _
address Portsmouth, R.I
phone #
Dates on board _10-73 to 4-74
Email Allan Heatherly

Hello Dan, I was looking thru the NAFTS web site and found your comment in there. I to was on the USS Shakori from 10-73 thru 4-74. I do not remember names at all. I remember a couple of cruses we did. One was when we were looking for a jet engin on the bottom of the ocean just off the coast of Va.. Another when we went to Newport R.I. to haul a small barge to Philly, and the last thing I can remember that we towed was the USS Intrepid from Quansit Pt. R.I. to Philly. That was a big air craft carrier and took a long time to get to Philly. I got out in 4-74 just before the ship went on a north atlantic cruse. My name is Allan Heatherly and I was a EN3 down in the fwd. engin room. I now live in Portsmouth, R.I. about 5 miles from the old Newport navy base. I seen you have some pictures of the old indian. I shure would like to see some. Maybe I can place names and faces together. I had a great time on the Shakori. I heard she was sold to Tiwain. I hope you can remember me Dan, Shoot me an e-mail and lets talk about old times.



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