The USS Shakori ATF 162 Crew

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name & rank Prescott

full name John Prescott
Nick name _
address 14104 State Ave, Chester, VA ,23836
phone #
Dates on board _ 1961-1964

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My name is John Prescott I was aboard U.S.S. Shakori from 1961-1964.
Was on her during the cuban missile crisis. Also in 1963 we went to South America
on a goodwill tour was there for 1 month what a trip,
I was E-3 when i was aboard training to become quartermaster.

Been a long time 42 years since i was aboard.
The only one I remember was L.T Duke who was the captain during the time i was aboard
. I believe he was from Lancaster, Pennsylvania
. Also Eddie Cook E.T.3 Believe he was from either Wisconsin or Minnesota not sure.
Also Gene Culp BM1 dont know what state he was from