The USS Shakori ATF 162 Crew


Spencer EN

Donald Spencer
Nick name _ Don
15550 Kingfield Apt. #814 Houston TX 77084
phone # 281-859-0031
Dates on board _April 1972 - Sept. 1973

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Hello there shipmates. I was elated to see a site where I could possibly see some of my ex-Navy friends. I was on the Shakori for a short time and had to be relieved of duty because of an injury and surgeries. I miss those days and good times that we had as young sailors. I was attached to other commands after the Shakori, but none like my tour of duty on ATF-162....hope all are well and doing some of the things that you have dreamed about in life...I know I am. Again good to see the site and looking forward to hearing from a few of you!



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