The USS Shakori ATF 162 Crew

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Phil Winkels
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i remember you now. you said some names i hadn't heard in a long time. i'm interested in a web page about the shakori. i have corresponded with a shipmate named john ostroot, he was a quartermaster, probably 1976-1979? he has corresponded or keep tract of some people like the captain during the fire, ron kilmer,jose romero,etc. when i got out in oct.1974 i joined the navy reserves in minneapolis, mn. and stayed with it for 3 months but it was a aviation electrician and i didn't want to change so i switched to the air force in a civil engineering squadron. i retired a e-8 in 1997 with 23 1/2 years. i currently work for the air force as a civilian since 1981. i married (1979) a girl i meet in wales (1976 cruise) we went there for 3 years in a row. i got onboard the ship when the shipyard was fixing it in littlecreek. phil



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