The USS Shakori ATF 162 Crew

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name & rank Young

full name Mike Young
Nick name _
address PO Box 5007, Weirs Beach, NH , 03247
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Dates on board _June 71-Nov 71

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I was not on board very long, I spent most of my time on the JFK(3yrs3mos).
When I reported to Shakori She was in Norfolk shipyard all torn apart,
The crew were all living in barrecks and working out of warehouses. As a BM3
I had it pretty easy on the Kennedy I Had a crew of 15 working under me,
but the day I reported to Shakori I could see things were going to change
There was a BM2 hanging over the side chipping paint. But it turned out Great
I really liked the duty on that Boat everybody worked and it was like a family.
They finally put her back together and into the water and she leaked back into
drydock, than back into the water, out for sea trails we blew an engine had to
send to California for an engine, took 3 weeks to ship it by rail to Norfork so
we just waited in the shipyard with the mess decks all torn apart to take out and
put in the new engine. We finally made it back to Little Creek after that. I will
never forget those last 6 months of navy life on that Ship.It was good duty.