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It Happened,,
unless I can find more, as of today
I have no more reg size slab scailes to sell
I have some so so matched


NOTE! I now have Some Red Deer Stag, please go here to see.

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I'll always try to identify this stag for what it is when you ask. Most of us know staghorn as Indian Sambar Stag". This is not always true, stag sticks smaller than 1-1/4" diameter are usually Axis Deer horn but not always. The larger horn is usually from the Sambar Elk of India. Scales that are 1-1/4" or more in width are cut from the Sambar horn. This material varies and it is impossible to control both texture and color. The sizes I stock will sometimes vary If your needs very from what is listed, please let me know what you need and I will do my best to get you what you want. Keep in mind Mother Nature controls how the horn is shaped, colored, and textured. Therefore, Not all stag horn comes with heavy texture and a rich brown color. There are also light and dark colors and heavy texture and slight texture. A lot of it had been dyed during the export processing. There are no rejects or second class horn as it is all produced by Mother nature. I have no control over this in any way shape or form. As the stag slabs drys warping can take place if this has happened these can be straitened out by clamping them a piece of steel and heating them in an oven at about 150 degrees. then let cool while clamped to the steel, it can also be milled or sanded striate again.

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